IPM Awards 2017 – A Celebration of Great Work

Last Wednesday 7th June, we headed off to The IPM Awards with our lovely clients PANDORA and came home with a Silver & Gold in The Retail – Traditional Retailers, E-Commerce, Catalogue, Bars & restaurants Category for two separate campaigns launched for PANDORA in 2016. We won the gold for launching 80 stores with a Prism Scheme in 2016 and took home the silver for #ChristmasDelights campaign which ran in December 2016. We also brought some very sore heads back into the office on Thursday! We saw so much amazing work that deserved recognition for being best in class that we thought we would pull out some of our favourite of the winners and what was so great about they work they created!


Whilst LSI Netherlands BV, owner of the Peperami brand, TLC Marketing and Sense were crowned the big winners at The IPM Awards 2017, taking home the trophies for Brand Owner of the Year, Agency of the Year and the coveted Grand Prix Award respectively, there were definitely some other winners that caught our eye, so we have pulled out a few and what we like about them!


1. Discomfort Future, By The Economist and Sense London


Many of us saw The Economist’s Trike which we thought was just another sampling something to sell magazines. Instead on closer inspection, what they are sampling is commenting on our own behaviour; whether it be a coffee made by passing it through a porta loo or ice cream made from insects. The Economist surprised people, raised in real life the content they cover and saw 25,000 new subscriptions. This activity shows with the right insight into human behaviour you can drive real, and measurable business results!



2. Virtual Blood Donation, NHS Blood & Transplant, 23red


Behaviour change experts 23red managed to pick up Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Not for Profit, Charities and Public Sector category, the second time the agency has achieved this impressive feat. Their Virtual Blood Donation campaign saw an innovative use of outdoor media and AR. When you hovered your phone over the screen the process of giving blood was replicated on your own arm via your mobile device. By using AR they made consumers feel the sense of good you get when giving blood and subsequently increased numbers of people doing so.


3.The Jameson #BeOriginal360 Experience, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail, ignis


Using a simple photo mechanic idea to win a holiday, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail took this to the next level, asking people to create an original “passport photo”, the most original winning St PAddy’s Day in Dublin. Such a simple concept, using a great 360 photo booth granted. This campaign called out for people to be original, tapping into the need within all of us to be trend-setters and big thinkers! Again by tapping into the need within our society to be original rather than a sheep, Pernod saw a 39% Sales Uplift as a direct relation!



The measured uplift against objective for these campaigns is what impressed everyone, by making sure industry wide measurement is at the heart, we can really showcase the importance of what we do and the massive business impact it has! If anyone is an IPM member we will be hosting an effectiveness workshop on Winning in Experiential. For more information check out the IPM website:https://www.theipm.org.uk/Events/June-2017/Winning-in-Experiential-London.aspx