Integrated Marketing – It's Just A Fantasy

As ever it’s always interesting to play industry, “Top 5’s“, “Shoot, Snog, Marry“, “Fantasy Leagues“, and it was interesting to read in Campaign who the ideal Agency Fantasy team would be. But we were surprised that it didn’t include anyone of note from a more traditional BTL perspective. Now that might be as it was an Adland Fantasy League, but when Clients are currently crying out for integrated platforms and TTL thinking, we’d have thought that there would be a few more rogue outcasts brought in from the likes of Cake, Iris, Brave, Elvis etc. to help add a different dimension and perspective to the Agency.


We can also now announce that we’ve been appointed as the retained consumer Agency for Nando’s, working on projects like Xperimental Skate Jam, High Five, Wraps as well as working on internal Comms projects (we’ve already been to Goldies’s house, which was fun).

We’ve also been working hard on Red Bull’s Bedroom Jam and a great tie-up with a major festival for a world first, so we played “if you had a band what would it be called“. We’ll leave it to you to play next time you’re in the pub and to guess who some of these names might have come from; Free The Snake, The Cigarettes, Take Your Chicks, Dirty 30’s, Hot Lips.

We’re slightly confused about the Evening Standard re-brand to include ‘London’. Don’t we all know it’s from London, seems like a lot of work for little return. Why not just The Standard. Seems much more and compelling. That is unless our London Evening Standard is going to roll out to the regions and we’re going to have a Manchester Evening Standard, Birmingham Evening Standard etc etc.

We’re also slightly obsessed with the Brad, Jen and Angelina story (well Mandy is). Necklaces, secret meetings. Cannes or no Cannes. The quote to end it all, “well Jen’s still got a great stomach, how could he not still fancy her”.