Incy Wincy

Sometimes it feels that you’ve been here before other times it’s all a totally new game. Maybe that’s what’s great about start-ups. That roller-coaster ride.

We’ve gone from a couple of people in an office that was far to big for us, to now wondering if we’re going to run out of space. A few new faces have turned up at The Green (hopefully they’ll be back on Monday), Sarah from Scunthorpe, a veggie who eats chicken, fish and veg (ok the fish bit is true, we lied about the chicken, but it’s spurred on our debate about vegetarian sushi), and Claire a free runner from the Westside, who knows everything there is to know about music, who on her first week, managed to get invited by a Client to a box at the Kanye gig at O2, and tomorrow we’ve got lovely Amanda joining us, who’s great Auntie once swam the channel backwards.

It’s now just about getting more desks, computers, printers, phones, mugs, chocolate, beer, wine etc etc. We’re thinking about maybe running a campaign like the Wispa campaign to try and kit out the office. Not sure it’s going to work though.

We had our biggest week ever at The Kitchen, with some great coverage in the Metro, and the introduction of some amazing Masterclasses and Christmas calendar. Thierry also did his first screen test last week, which is looking promising.

And we couldn’t help but smile when we read the about the 7 legged spider picture. If you’d like to see a very funny email about spiders. Drop us a line to hello.

This week, sees the arrival of another business partner from Asia, Sven, who we’re working with as part of our brand incubator, on the creation of a new spirit brand. We’ve got three names, and positioning territories we’re fairly happy with, so we’re close. And this week, we’re briefing in the actual product development to an industry master distiller. Roll on product testing phase.