In War Can There Be Murder?

As media people it’s unbelievable how social media and video sharing sites are being used to tell stories that once relied on big national newspapers. Watergate scandals no longer need newspapers, just “journalists’ who are prepared to tell the story.

The issue is that today we can all publish stories without the safety net and filters that Newspapers have always had to have in place. Is self regulation enough

Sites like Wikileaks when combined with Youtube prove a powerful weapon or tool in telling difficult and controversial stories. But videos like the one below tell a story, but is it a story that should be told, is the freedom of information always good and positive for the greater society?

Black and white it tells a horrendous story. But the backdrop of war is lost.

That’s not saying that killing innocent bystanders isn’t wrong, it’s just difficult to see how in war how human tragedy can’t be avoided. The change now is that even under the secrecy of war Commanders and Governments need to become more transparent.

(this video clearly shows the killing of innocent people, so not to be watched by everyone)

The video makes exceptionally sad but compelling viewing. It would appear that Call of Duty has hardened many to the reality of War. But the real reality is that every person who dies during war should leave you with a that sad feeling that every life needs to be respected. Enemy or no enemy, the loss of any life should be savoured.

But without people on the ground or in the air who are prepared to put their lives on the line and make life or death judgment calls we’d be a world ruled by brutal dictators.

What videos like this don’t show is the post traumatic affects on society or the guilt felt by the crew involved in these types of operations.

Murder, yes if you’re the family of anyone killed during any war. To everyone else, unfortunately it’s just a casualty of war.