Imagining a future where robots inherit the Earth… in the field of medicine

Blade Runner came out in 1982 and imagined a dystopian future where genetically engineered androids were virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts. We still might be a few hundred years away from this reality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to benefit from futuristic technology in the field of medicine.


Today, modern medicine can graft an ear on a leg, use a computer for accurate vision correction surgery and even 3D print hair. These types of advancements are what PrettyGreen explored for the launch of the new cutting-edge medical drama, Pure Genius, on the Universal Channel.


To support the series premiere on Wednesday 16th November, we secured the talents of GP and TV doctor, Dr. Hilary Jones, to provide free consultations to commuters on the streets of London – through the use of a telepresence robot. Already in use in high tech hospitals, including Daisy Hill Hospital in Northern Ireland, the robot allows a doctor or specialist to appear virtually, without needing to be in the room themselves. This can help revolutionise access to medicine, as well as cut down on wait times for the sick.


We took the robot to a variety of locations, including Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Oxford Street and Waterloo Station to interact with commuters. We also shot images to feed to media for coverage purposes, as well as for Universal Channel’s social media.


Don’t forget to catch Pure Genius Wednesday’s on Universal Channel at 9pm. Imagine if a Mark Zuckerberg type bought a hospital and filled it with the most amazing technology to cure the incurable – that’s the premise of the series. It stars British actor Augustus Prew (Kick Ass 2, The Borgias, The Village) in his first lead role, along with Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Friends) in his return to television.