If Only The (Alleged) Bully Was Stylish?

So the weekend was dominated by 3 things Fashion, Film and Fists (well actually lapels).

Poor Mr Brown, not only is he accused of putting the country in so much debt that our childrens, childrens, children will still be paying off our Bankers Bonuses, but now he’s accused of bullying.

Now, the issue this throws up is, if Obama, Clinton or Blair had that complaint levied against them, would we be horrified or would be use words like passion, commitment, strong leadership.

Regardless of your political leanings, there’s an argument that says because Gordon’s not that stylish, charming or cool. That when he’s accused of something that shows a human flaw, he’s rounded upon. The fact is, if any of us were running the country, working 18 hour days, under that type of pressure, I’m sure we’d be stomping around No. 10 trying to kick the cat and a few Oxbridge grads who didn’t agree with us.

We can’t condone his behaviour, and still don’t necessarily think he’s the best man to be pressing the flesh on the world stage or keeping the country from the dogs. But don’t we want strong leaders who bang fists on tables and lead from the front.

Think of London’s biggest club Manchester United, you can’t help but respect what Alex Ferguson has achieved by managing his players and coaching colleagues with an iron fist. Would he ever be accused of being a bully, no. Yet somehow when someone does it in politics it is – Seems to us like there might be an election round the corner.

Maybe Gordon would have been better off spending more time in the fashion and film world with the likes of  Colin Firth and Tom Ford. We’re sure if he was as stylish a Colin the world would be forgiving him.

The one area that does feel wrong is the riding of the bandwagon by a bullying charity. We get they want to comment and they are the best placed to do it. But to actually state that they have had some kind of dialogue with No.10’s staff is over-stepping the mark. Think of every child, every office worker, currently petrified in case it comes out that they contacted a bullying helpline. There’s a line that we all have to tread carefully along, but we’re sure every “helpline” is currently cursing Christine Pratt from The National Bullying Helpline for looking like she’s betrayed the 1st rule of any helpline, it’s confidential.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to the weekend papers for Round 2. Lets see what the Labour Spin machine can come out with for Cameron. Haven’t had the Eton drug card played in this election run-up yet.