I Don't Get It

Monday started quietly for most of the Green House after a weekend skateboarding (not skating as Coco was quite rightly corrected on) and Red Bull Fashion Factory, but the temperature and animation quickly increased when we started discussing what people watched over the weekend – And no it wasn’t Strictly v X Factor, it was Cadbury and Fallons latest offering for Dairy Milk and Fair Trade.

As you’d expect the class was divided, and the comments raged from genius to rubbish. The over-riding thought was it’s a really fresh and smart way to talk about a very dry and quite uninteresting topic and the songs really great (and yes Sian we know it’s an important topic that we all need to take more interest in, along with trying to work out how to recycle our office food waste, which doesn’t involve maggots in the office).

Judy Blame at the Red Bull Fashion FactoryThe other area was whether or not wearing knickers on your head at a fashion party was a fashion statement or a cry for help. Either way caused a lot of amusing debate.

This week we’re flat out planning for Nando’s Skate Jam in London on Saturday, the launch of The Kitchen’s new London delivery service, a new campaign for Trident, Strings is a judge on an Awards panel so lots of serious chin scratching, and trying to recruit some serious Digital people,  but most importantly we’re planning our Macmillan Coffee Morning for Friday.

The arguments that are raging over what cakes should be made and whether or not anyone had a big flask. Basically we’re off to The Serpentine where we’re going to hire row boats, tie them together and have a very civilised coffee morning on the lake, (that’s the plan, although we’ve just found out Mandy’s not a great swimmer and we think Hamish has a plan to turn her into a swamp monster). If you fancy joining us, we’ll be on the lake from 10am tied together in the middle.

We’re also quite happy that Robin survived his terrible accident, thanks for the emails of concern. Basically he smashed into Claire’s window. Why, who knows? But after about an hour you’ll be pleased to know he recovered enough to fly off!!!!!