How we Persuaded Influencers to Undress – Welcome to the True Comfort “boob” Chronicles

How many times have we argued about #ad and #spon videos on YouTube and watched brand credibility plummet when content creators talk without any passion about a brand, just because it’s a commercial deal?


When we were asked by sloggi to promote arguably the world’s most comfortable bra (the Wow Comfort bra) we wanted to create an influencer campaign that lived on YouTube which felt natural and entertaining, yet informative, thus ‘True Comfort Chronicles’ was born.
By working collaboratively with both sloggi and our carefully selected YouTubers – we’ve created sponsored video content that feels authentic and on message. The series kicked off with feisty YouTube duo Rose and Rosie, singing, joking and basically having a really frank chat about boobs and the new bra in a brilliantly uncontrived way.
All videos in the series (a total of six) address the topic of true comfort from a slightly different way but it’s great to see such engaging and watchable sponsored content come to life. The perfect example of sincere YouTuber & brand relations!
You can check out Rose and Rosie’s full video below (and their song about boobs) along with some of the other content pieces.
Go forth, be body (and boob)!



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