How to stay entertained throughout your January hibernation

The general consensus is that 2016 was ‘a bad thing’ – 2017 has started off quite well but it is cold, we’ve got no money after Christmas and no one is drinking alcohol. All of these things point to hibernation being a brilliant option for the foreseeable future – at least until the sun comes back and we can go back to drinking Prosecco out of plastic cups in the park.


Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, UKTV Play, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and a whole host of other on demand services as well as ACTUAL TELEVISION, physical media and the cinema we have a glut of TV and film to feast upon.


According to a recent survey, we have so much on the entertainment buffet that we have a paralysis of choice and spend 18 minutes per day deciding what to watch. 18 minutes might not seem like much but if you watch TV everyday (yes, you do) then that works out at 109.5 hours, or, four and a half days each year.


Just think what you could do in four and a half days! Actually, it’s better not to think about it at all. To alleviate the daily trauma, PrettyGreen have picked 10 of the best film and television series to waste away the winter evenings.


The OA (Netflix)
Reason to watch: January is a perfect time for existential crises.


La La Land (Cinema)
Reason to watch: Cleaned up at the Golden Globes and is set to do well at the Oscars.


Catastrophe (All 4)
Reason to watch: Hilarious comedy returning for a third series in 2017 featuring the late, great Carrie Fisher.




American Honey (Cinema)
Reason to watch: Absolutely stunning film about present day working class America with a killer soundtrack.


Taboo (BBC iPlayer and TV)
Reason to watch: Tom Hardy.


Gomorrah (Sky Go)
Reason to watch: Italian made Italian crime drama described as “ugly in a good way” by the Daily Telegraph.




The King of Kong (Netflix)
Reason to watch: Feature length documentary about the cartoonish world of real life competitive Donkey Kong players.


Braquo (Google Play)
Reason to watch: A dark French version of The Sweeney.


Spotlight (Netflix)
Reason to watch: Last year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture. You need to watch this before ploughing through this year’s nominations.


This is Us (All 4)
Reason to watch: US feelgood comedy series about siblings lives because 2016 left us needing a pick me up.