How To Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further In A Recession? Just Look Below The Line…

PR has a terrible reputation for ROI, something we at PrettyGreen struggle to understand. 

Imagine if you could demonstrate that 67% of a brand’s total impressions could be generated from just 12% of a total budget.

It’s the most impressive figure we’ve ever seen from a marketing spend review and it happened to be presented to one of PrettyGreen‘s long standing clients as part of an independent media agency end of year report.

This isn’t about blowing our own trumpet (although of course we think we’re pretty damn good), but when you consider these facts the impact of PR is difficult to dispute:

  • 90% of editorial coverage is now online and articles tend to remain on a homepage for 2 days 
  • editorial content has much higher levels of engagement/ time/ trust vs. owned or paid content 
  • word of mouth and influence, the purest form of PR, has the greatest impact on decision making
  • production budgets and hourly rates in PR are lower than virtually any other discipline 

When budgets are being cut. When brands need to deliver a strong commercial return, PR has and always will be fundamental.

PR today encompasses everything from media relationsinfluencer marketingcontent creationexperiential marketing,brand partnerships and collaborations. Anything that gets people talking to drive word of mouth.

Our PR Agency was launched in 2008 during the last recession so we find these times exciting. Doesn’t matter what discipline, or what business. It’s about ROI. As someone once said “Power is measured by the pound or the fist….” we like to think it’s the £pound (or a PrettyGreen as we like to call it).