How to launch A new game at Christmas and reach adults and parents as well as kids

In a year when we’ve possibly played more board games than ever before, the launch of a new version of the iconic board game Monopoly is exciting news but how do you make sure the adults and children alike have it on their Christmas lists?

With 92% of Brits admitting there is a sore loser in the family and one in four (26%) playing more boardgames this year, we spotted a timely opportunity to create a news moment to raise awareness around the launch of Monopoly for Sore Losers. This week we’ve launched The Sore Losers Small Claims Fund as a chance for sore losers, and their family and friends, to wipe the slate clean and apply for a cash reimbursement for any previous Monopoly misdemeanours.

Sore losers and their exhausted family and friends are able to text Mr Monopoly to submit a claim to the Sore Losers Small Claims Fund for redemption against bad Monopoly etiquette. All successful applicants will receive a £20 cheque and a copy of the new Monopoly For Sore Losers game to avoid any future fall-outs. You can make a claim if you’ve exhibited or been privy to one of the following five behaviours: 

1.     False accusations

Incorrectly calling out that somebody cheating during the game

Just because the banker is doing well does not automatically mean they’re skimming.

2.     The Monopoly Meltdown​

Tantrums, foot stomping, funny faces,, sulking and claiming: ‘It’s not fair’.

There’s no need to lose your cool in a long game, but if an alliance has been made that you don’t agree with or you’ve narrowly missed out on the Free Parking stash, there’s no need to have a meltdown

3.     Unsporting Behaviour​

During game play one should conduct themselves in a fair, respectful and gracious way

Bickering about which token to choose. Refusal to accept being served fees, fines or bills, throwing money across the table or worse, leaving the game early.

4.     Infringement of the Rules​

Bending the rules in support of one player

A slight of hand often used by parents to avoid a Monopoly Meltdown. Not limited to but including slipping a player money, excusing a rent payment or claiming a different number appeared on the dice. 

5.     Damage to the Game ​

The board flip

Tensions can run high, but a board flip can never be excused, even if you’ve been served jail time and someone is about to land on your newly purchased hotels.  

**Disclaimer: These criteria were not based on the behaviour of any Sore Losers in the PrettyGreen team.**

With a well-known Sore Loser hogging the news headlines in the past week (we won’t mention any names) we’re pretty confident in the earned media coverage potential of this story and expect parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles across the nation to be adding Monopoly For Sore Losers to their Christmas present buying lists – because let’s face, we all know a Sore Loser that needs this game in their life!

PrettyGreen is the UK PR agency for Monopoly and Hasbro.