How the PrettyGreen team were famous for a day

Most of us have fantasised about being famous at one time or another. The red carpet! The flawless photo shoots! The screaming fans! The freebies! Just imagine…


In the famous words of Andy Warhol: “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” and the team here at PrettyGreen are no exception to that rule. We’ve rounded up some of the most definitive moments in the team’s history and asked them what it was like to live in the heady clouds of fame. Is the grass really (Pretty) Greener on the other side? Take a look at our favourites…


The Hall of fame


  1. Emma Grace: “A hat model.” Caps, top hats, berets. You name it.


  1. Chloe Oliver: “I was once on the Disney Channel in a dance competition called My School Musical”. Every girls dream…


  1. Lucy Mart: “I sung a Christmas carol on Blue Peter as part of my school choir when I was 11. I was standing directly in front of John Leslie (!) and I’m a terrible singer!” Who knew such talent existed in the shadows at PG!.


  1. Lucy Porter: “I was a performer in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony (in the Industrial Revolution section that forged the five Olympic rings). We have evidence, our very own Digital Planner was papped in costume, taken just before the ceremony…

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5.  Sophie Taylor: “I took a selfie with James Cordon made it into a Daily Mail Femail piece!” Lucky man.

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6. Emma Grace: “My (first and very short-lived) wedding was in Heat Magazine!” Sounds like the photo shoot lasted longer than the marriage…


7. Rob Leary: “Rockstar mate”. Enough said! If you made it to see the Pharoah’s tour in Japan, we salute you.


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8. Emma Grace: “I appeared in a Nike advert where I had to dance in The Cross night-club for 8 hours and got paid £50”. a typical Hollywood salary don’t you know…


9. Rhea Cheshire: “Dancing at my stage school which was filmed for A Place in the Sun way back when I was 14!”


10. Ella Holbrook: “I went to a preview of The Golden Compass with my family as my dad had been working on the film… some girls ran up to myself and my sister asking for our autographs. *Note – we were not in the film. However, we gracefully signed their autographs with “best wishes’ and a scruffy signature”. #FakeItUntilYouMakeIt.


11. Natasha Kaeda: “I was in a French textbook that was used in English schools”. A victim of rude graffiti.


12. Sarah Henderson: “I was in the Take That & Party tour video in 1993…. In the crowd swaying with a lighter”. An absolute classic.


And the winner and most famous of them all goes to one of our newest members at PrettyGreen:


13. Sophie Taylor: “I was in a fly fishing calendar!” The fame must be unbearable.


As you can imagine, it’s tough living the daily struggle of making it past the crowds who gather outside the office, just to catch a glimpse. But we take it gracefully in our stride, it’s just what we do. Kim K’s got nothing on us. #LifeDefiningMoments.