How Poor Customer Experiential Led to Toys R Us’ Administration

Not a sad day to see Toys R Us go into administration.


I’m being provocative as I really feel for people who will potentially lose their jobs – the majority who have had little control over its management.


But, have you been into a Toys R Us over the past 3 years?


We have a “reward” tin and when my youngest (aged 7) fills it marbles he gets to go to TRU to spend it on toys. We’ve been doing this for years, and being honest, the TRU experience has been appalling for as long as we’ve been doing it. And the last time we did it, just a few weeks ago, he couldn’t find anything and he left saying “he’d rather save his money”.


No brand experiences, no product demonstrators, no enthused staff, no personality, no energy, but this isn’t a recent thing.


We can argue that their stores were too big, that online retailers killed them. All excuses – They killed themselves.


TRU Management Team failed to add any value into their brand, and create an emotional connection between their customers and their brand. Online is more convenient, but taking a child to a giant toy shop, should be a magical experience, like taking an adult to an Apple store. No reason why TRU couldn’t have been the Hamley’s of Industrial Estate, but I fear it’s too late now.



Thanks to Strings for letting us steal this from his Linkedin Page