How does Super bowl Ad up?

Last weekend saw the world’s biggest one-day sporting event beamed live through the BBC into our living rooms. Yes that’s right, it was the NFL Super Bowl and this year the razzmatazz of this All-American spectacular seemed to be less between the teams and more between a packaging company and a steel mill trade union. Whilst the game confuses us a little, it does get a TV audience of over 110 million people in the US alone – almost half of the population!

So what did the PrettyGreen Super Bowl experience look like? After a huge build up, listening to Ms. Aguilera warbling the National Anthem complete with wrong lyrics, it’s the kick-off. Within 1.3 seconds, we are swiftly followed by an advertising break as they have to change all of the massive players on the field for little ones who can run fast. A touchdown is scored! The crowd go wild. Advert break. A field goal! Advert break. The little players who run fast are replaced by the ones that are called things like ‘Fridge,’ ‘Tank’ and ‘WMD.’ The cheerleaders cheer. The crowd cheer. Advert break. Touchdown! Advert break. 4.4 seconds down, 3 hours 59 minutes to go.

You see, the very game of American Football is based on generating advertising revenue, and despite the sport being a real spectacle, the bottom line is the real pre-game chat isn’t about Randy Chaderson, Brad ‘Monster Truck’ Tyrone and D’Shawn D’Fontaine enforcing the line, it is about the adverts. And with ad-space costing $3 million for just 30 seconds of your time, the whole world watches in expectation…
So we aren’t going to show you highlights of the game, no siree, instead below we have our favourite Super Bowl adverts of this year so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the true spectacle of that balmy Texan night, last Sunday…

Chevy Silverado – Tommy

Chevy Camaro – Miss Evelyn

Doritos – House Sitting

Doritos – Best Part

Bud Light – Product Placement

Bud Light – Dog Sitter

Chrysler – Imported from Detroit

Sony Ericsson – Xperia Play

Coca-Cola – Siege

Bridgestone – Reply All

Snickers – ‘Logging’

Audi – Release the Hounds

Volkswagen – The Force