PrettyGreeners' Embarrassing Home Truths…

In honour of Luke Zak joining the PrettyGreen team (hi Luke!), the Team Heads were challenged to introduce ourselves to him by confessing something that not even our fellow colleagues knew. With some of us working with each other for 5 years or more it was quite a challenge – what could go wrong? Here’s what we learnt about our fellow PrettyGreeners….

Sarah – used to be a die-hard West Ham fan, going to every single home game up to the age of 10. Her favourite player was the legend that is Julian Dicks (written by a fellow Hammer, we hasten to add…)

Jo – is not only a qualified teacher, but also a qualified chef (future career in Home Economics?)

Lucy M – had her dissertation published. It was titled ‘Does Size Matter’ … we don’t recommend looking for it on Google.

Strings – his great aunt Ethell is the oldest woman in Australia, at an impressive 112 years old!

Debbie – Billericay’s finest finance girl blew us all away by admitting she’s not even from Essex, but South East London.

Motty – the Boro Boy Racer used to have a Renault 5 GT Turbo, and quickly learned that he could flick on the reverse light on the motorway, scaring other drivers senseless!

Ben – not only did his great aunt used to own racehorses but one of her horses actually won the Grand National in 1980. The horse was named Ben and as he (our Ben, that is) had just been born, most of his family backed the horse at 40-1.

Chris – Has an A in GCSE pottery – he was apparently inspired by the film Ghost.

Lucy P – was on Big Brother! (as a production runner though not a contestant)

Sian – has a first class degree in retail design and architecture. She’s never used it.

Claire M – came back from a summer holiday in France and convinced her class she was now fluent in French. She then spent the next year speaking in total gibberish and was only found out when a French teacher joined the following year (ooh la la!)

Last but by no means least is Jess, who blew us all out of the water with her incredible story of Wojtek, the Polish bear who fought with her grandfather’s unit during the Second World War. Not only did Wojtek carry ammunition for soldiers, he also smoked, drank and was eventually made a corporal!
Luke got into the spirit of it all by announcing he’d once been a butler in the buff to earn extra cash at university and also a very bad David Beckham look-a-like at a fete in Croydon. We think you’ll fit straight in here Luke….