Highlights from the Toy Fair 2017

Ever wanted to be a kid for the day? Last week we did exactly that when visiting the annual Toy Fair, the home of all toys held at Kensington Olympia.


Greeted by a childhood icon Pikachu, we made our way through the top trending toys in a nostalgic fashion, reminiscing as we went


“Classic” toys are definitely making a come back with wooden toys from Le Van, Brio and Mellissa & Doug being a welcome addition amongst a sea of plastic


Anyone old enough to remember Stretch Armstrong? Well he is back and still as stretchy as ever! Pulling the arms and legs of a blonde man never does get old – or is that just because we are now in our 30’s and it means so much more…


Interestingly the marked difference between girls and boys seems to be shrinking for the better, the divide is still there with a lot of pink available with popstars and super heroes present to live up to, however, it was obvious that more toys are now available for “both” genders.


With an ever-growing emphasis on construction and building toys LEGO remains at the forefront of the toy market with new products linking to ever-desirable adventure play. Magformers UK and K’Nex are closely behind being voted as one of the best new toys in this category.


Feeding inquisitive young minds Science was also a top theme with household appliances once again leading in the toddler category. Brands such as Little Helper presented their range of tiny washing machines and ironing boards.. after all ,cleaning is fun right!


Lastly the range of ever-successful ‘fad’ toys excited us. Launching from the break through of ‘Hatch’Ems’ this Christmas children can now grow their own alien, yeti their spaghetti or just take home a bag of sand. There may be hope for a ‘grow yourself a spare Mum’ before we know it. 2017 Christmas lists at the ready…





  • We got to meet Pikachu (legend)
  • Stretch Armstrong is back!
  • You can grow your own Alien
  • There was a Yeti in our Spaghetti


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