High Spirits

We spent nearly a whole week discussing our new spirits brand with Sven last week (who introduced us to a Danish bitters, which we’re not convinced about, but that might be because Strings has been making us do it as shots in brainstorms). We’ve got a name and positioning we’re really excited about and briefed in our Master Craftsmen and Distiller David. It’s looking like we’re off to taste the first samples in France in late January, with full production starting in April.

Our 2012 work with Fallon and PHD has really picked up momentum and it’s got to be said, those boys (& girls) at Fallon are good. It’s just such a lovely, big challenging project to be stuck into, with a great integrated team.
We’re off to the Access Sports black tie dinner tonight (great Sports charity set-up by Charlie, Mack and James from Threshold). Very humbling and inspiring to see an Agency put more in than they take out.
Tomorrow also sees us with more drinks in our hands with a Red Bull Urban Junkies party, which should be fun.
We’ve also be pondering why a pomander is called a pomander, and whether or not the basic principle of what goes up, must come down, means that if you shout swearwords skywards, somewhere in the world those same swearwords are landing on someone’s shoulder???