Heroes Needed! Lego City Retail Experience Goes Live at Smyths

This weekend our LEGO City #HeroesNeeded brand experience went live at the Glasgow and Wallsend Smyths Toystores to support the retailer’s promotional activity of the Mountain and Mining sets.


The first of four weekends that will see the LEGO City Mountain – a bespoke-made, state-of-the-art plinth, tour the nation in search for brave young LEGO Fan Heroes to help the mountain police save the City from the Crooks!


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed children were immersed in the world of LEGO City as our team briefed them on the challenge ahead:


“Never before has LEGO City faced so many problems! Crooks have moved to the mountains, bringing a nasty set of problems with them for the Mountain Police to deal with.  Drivers and pilots of the City’s rescue and transportation vehicles are in short supply.  Falling rocks, spiders and wildlife are a constant threat to the Mining Experts.  Yes, LEGO City surely needs heroes. Are you up to the challenge?”


We called out for heroes, Glasgow and Wallsend responded! Transported into the world of LEGO City, budding builders joined forces with the LEGO City Mountain Police. They built hundreds of dragsters before choosing to race their vehicle down the LEGO City Mining or Mountain terrain to help the Mountain Police put an end to the ever-growing amount of crooks that were causing havoc all across the mines.


Our Heroes got to take away the LEGO car they built, were presented with a LEGO City Hero activity pack so they could continue their mission at home and were rewarded with a chance to sit and pose for a picture sat on a life-sized LEGO City vehicle – made out of a whopping 10,099 bricks!




The LEGO City mission continues and the LEGO Mountain Police are still recruiting heroes, so come and join them in their battle against crime at a Smyths near you:


Saturday 24th March – Smyths Superstore Aberdeen

Sunday 25th March – Smyths Superstore Falkirk

Friday 30th March – Smyths Superstore Cardiff

Monday 2nd April – Smyths Superstore Chelmsford

Saturday 7th April – Smyths Superstore Milton Keynes

Sunday 8th April – Smyths Superstore Stockton


Check out the LEGO City range at https://www.lego.com/en-gb/themes/city.