Here Comes The Bride

Another mad week on the Green. It’s beginning to feel a little bit like a stuck record. But every week is just so different and crazy, with us just doing some really interesting and exciting things.

Our Beyonce Trident project gathers momentum, with 100 Single Ladies hitting over 1m views and going global, with Beyonce herself actually interviewed on the red carpet in the US over it. More to follow on that campaign as new elements are rolled out. Strings still struggling to spot the men in the video.

We also spent three days last week were spent shooting a new music moving image/ digital project that we’ve created. Different from Beyonce in that it’s not a one off event, this is just one of those simple ideas that just feels right, but it begins to mushroom and before you know it, it’s a big integrated idea that involves the whole Co., talent,  and Claire writing a new rap for a song (we’re convinced that she’s a secret singer songwriter)

We’ve begun hearing back on our various big competitive pitches that we did and we’ve won 2/3, which is fantastic news. We’ve got a few more in the pipeline this week, and one the week after, so it’s still all systems go. The really great thing is that we’re loving the diversity of the briefs. They’re all so different, integrated, on-line, platform, PR, Events. Just a real mix, and all very exciting. We’re waiting for a few follow-ups before we can say exactly what they were for.

Our Big International project continues to gather momentum with now both John and Lisa flying out to LA for another week of planning, and Nick’s also jet setting off next week to NYC for something else, which will mean a slightly quieter office, but as it’s Hamish and Claire’s birthday virtually back to back, we’ll use it as an excuse for a small celebration.

But the most exciting thing we have to celebrate is Emma’s wedding, which is this weekend. We wish both Ben and Emma all the happiness in the world. They both deserve it (even though we think that with the long weekend, Emma surely doesn’t need a few weeks off). Both Strings and Jess have actually become quite emotional about it (which we never thought we’d see), as they’ve both remember the fateful night Ben and Emma got together and how happy they’ve been ever since.

The big debate this week was whether a life-sized Chicken would go unnoticed walking down a street? Not sure there’s much of a debate. It all depends on what it’s wearing.

Anyway, off to get the glad rags out and party shoes on.