Here 2014


We’d been told by Sian that we must go to Here 2014 which was to be curated by It’s Nice That.  And so Kate and Jess dutifully rocked up on Friday at the Royal Geographical Society with some pre-conceptions… thinking that we would be preached to by deep and thought-provoking speakers using impossibly complex metaphors but NO every speaker was honest, self-depracating (and more importantly on a sunny Friday when held in the lecture theatre) everyone was highly entertaining.  A key theme of embracing failure and mistakes was prevalent.  We could have sat there until midnight.

So we thought we’d share some wise words of wisdom….

“A bad brief smells trouble – when it smells of poo, it is poo” – Dutch creative duo Lernert & Sander

“Break the rules and always play when you’re told not to” – Sam Jacob (from the FAT collaboration)

“Hell Yeah – use your groin and your brain and you won’t go far wrong” – satirical artistic Eric Yahnker

“Be totally out of control” – Brand identity queen, Marina Willer

“Don’t be afraid to be scared and break the mould” – compelling fashion design duo Agi&Sam