Happy Monday! But apparently it’s all downhill from here…!

Did anyone else notice that it was that little bit brighter and a tad warmer on the way to work this morning? OK, it’s hardly balmy temperatures and glorious sunshine, but things are definitely looking up.

With today (Monday 31st January) being named the happiest day of the year, you could be forgiven for doing that whole positive thinking thing as you plan for a good year ahead.

But before you get all excited thinking that it’s going to be sunshine and happiness from here on in, a certain psychologist has cheerfully informed us that whilst ‘we each experience an average of ten major happy days every year…none is happier than January 31, or Happy Monday’.

Well if there’s anything that’s going to take the happiness out of ‘Happy Monday’, surely it’s being told that it’s all downhill from here and this is as good as 2011 is going to get?

Here at PrettyGreen HQ, we think it’s time to adopt some selective hearing today. So we will be choosing to focus on the ‘Happy Monday’ message, in the hope that our cheerful psychologist friend is just a misery guts who has nothing to look forward to in life. Unlike us happy creatures at PrettyGreen of course! *smug face*