Happy Birthday Twitter!

This week marks the 8th birthday of Twitter and to mark this birthday Twitter have created a nifty tool to tell you what your first tweet was. When shared around the PrettyGreen office this resulted in some amusing, obscure and a few frankly disappointing efforts. So here they are in there entirety. If you’ve been won over by 140 characters of pure gold click on the image to follow each member of the team.

PrettyGreenstringslondonBea_chewben_knight80Sadly Ben’s link no longer works. Knowing him, it’s probably this


FrickleChipA retweet for George Costi’s first effort. Albeit one showing off his love of gaming. And Lara Croft.


Jack Swallow’s first tweet was a link to 4 wheel skip loader on ebay. Really!


K_T_hunterThis is Reuben and Katie still loves them.

LeighIrelandAnother retweet for the first tweet, this time from Leigh Ireland.

LucyPorterMarkScholefiledchesh3SarahHendersA retweet from Sarah Henderson. Albeit linking to a pavement licking story.