Happy Birthday Oliver Bonas!


So, you may have seen the news on PRWeek that we’re now working with the lovely (and very stylish) bunch at Oliver Bonas – hurrah!

We’ve wanted to talk about this for a while because quite frankly, we are really excited about it.

It seems hard to believe but the brand turns 21 this year and we’re working on a project which will to help them celebrate their heritage and history, from the day when founder Oliver Tress opened the first store on the Fulham Road to the current success of 43 stores across the UK – stay tuned as we’ll be able to tell you more in the coming weeks…

In addition to Olly’s House, we’re also working on some even more top secret digital stuff – we can’t really talk about that yet either but we promise we’ll tell all as soon as we can.

Birthday joy goes live in July, so all that’s left to do is practice our singing and candle lighting skills… all together now, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…!