Hands Off

The story this week that has been shaking things up at PG towers is the furor around whether Olympic athletes should shake hands around games time.

The BOA has advised British athletes to avoid shaking hands with members of the public around games time in case they pick up a bug in the process.


The story has divided opinion amongst the team at PrettyGreen – in one corner there are the OCD types that agree with the BOA that athletes will be shaking a lot of hands and shouldn’t waste four years hard slog on a person that is too lazy to wash their hands after the call of nature. The other side of PrettyGreen think this over controlling attitude will distance the athletes from the fans which is not what the Olympics is about (otherwise known as team unhygienic at PG)

We’re all waiting to see if sponsor P&G will jump on the opportunity to promote a London 2012 handwash products or if a feisty non sponsor will look to steal their limelight?

Perhaps Olympic weightlifters should be putting hand sanitizer on before lifts rather than chalk in today’s society?

We’ll hand it over to you to decipher on this contagious issue.