Hallo mein name ist Herman…

At PrettyGreen, we currently love German Friendship Cake – a cake that just keeps on giving and giving. Herman is a sourdough culture, which PrettyGreeners have been looking after since Christmas.

He comes with instructions: you can’t put him in the fridge or he will die, and if he stops bubbling, he is dead. A bit like Jack.

So how does it work?

– The devoted PrettyGreener must feed and look after Herman for 9 days, before dividing the mix into 4.

– They keep 1 and give 3 away.

– On the tenth day, the PrettyGreener must not rest, but bake their mixture into a delicious cake.

The original PrettyGreen Herman survived a near death experience at Ben’s hands, narrowly escaping from a tablespoon of salt instead of sugar. Thankfully he made it through and his legacy lives on.

So far we have passed the friendship twice, and with an element of friendly rivalry added, the PrettyGreen bake-off has begun.

Herman FINAL