Gymbags and the Gladrags

Wednesday night, on the coldest day we have seen in 10 months, 5 PrettyGreeners (stupidly) braved the harsh British winter for the second installment of PrettyGreen Run Club.

This week, the highlight was not the serene modernity of London’s jagged skyline or the majestic beauty of the Thames at dusk, but Cass’ choice of running attire. Whilst Nick’s trainers are brighter than the sun and shouldn’t be looked at with the naked eye, Cass trumped him for bad ideas and chose to run in her work dress. Whilst this may sound like a strange choice of running apparel, it must be remembered that if you do forget your kit, we at PrettyGreen like to keep it old school and supply items from the dreaded Lost Property bin. Hence she opted for the flowy number, rather than thrice-worn, sweaty gym-shirts.

However, despite the clear wind resistance that should have been a disadvantage, the team beat the target of 31 minutes set last week with a time of 29 minutes.

The big question now is, what to wear next week?