Guilty Pleasures Confessed!

After April caused a stir amongst the office with her crisp sandwich (third one this week), her colleague accused her of devouring something that was sinful…Or was it because they were suffering from food envy?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Guilty Pleasure as something, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard, BUT when the conversation of guilty pleasures developed across the floor, it became apparent that this meal was not only on April’s ‘”GP” list but others confessed to enjoying this gourmet delight, as well as hiding their own guilty treat!

From crisp sandwiches to tuna fish mixed with english mustard, whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has one. Anyway, who said that eating a spaghetti sandwich was against the law?

The PrettyGreen bunch were asked to ‘fess up and share their secret treats. Here they are:

Jack D – “I eat Branston pickle with EVERYTHING”
Ben – “Licking the plate after an amazing dinner when no one is looking….”
Bianca – “Spaghetti sandwiches and cold curry”
James – “I’ve had a sausage and coleslaw ciabatta every Sunday for the past three years, without fail”
Joe – “Tuna fish mixed with English mustard”
Kezia – “Bread and butter sprinkled with sugar then grilled or rice and mayonnaise”
Katie – “Tuna and mayo with apple. It’s delicious”
April – “Crisp sandwiches or salt and vinegar dunked in hot chocolate. Something about salt in sweets is AMAZE”
Bea – “Frankfurters…COLD”
Rhea – “I regularly eat a block of Brie…”
Jade – “Cucumber and ice cream. Nom.”
Kate – “I often eat a whole plate-full of thickly buttered bread. Just on its own.”
Strings – “White bread, salad cream with cheese and onion crisps.”
Jess – “making marzipan sweets …. And dipping them in Nutella – with the guise that they’re for the kids but clearly not!”
Jack S – “Pot noodles, Those sugar sponge finer things and a PEPPERAMI!”
Chris – “Nando’s Hot Sauce on anything toast, chips, whatever…”

So you freaks out there, who may feel slightly ashamed of your own guilty pleasure, you are not alone.