Good tidings we bring… to our pets!

With the festive period upon us, it’s certainly a time for home comforts, family gatherings, and some well-earned quality time with our pets.

So much so, in fact, that one in seven women prefer to spend those golden Christmas moments with their pets rather than with their significant others! Whilst a shock to some, studies show that stroking your dog or cat has been proven to lower your blood pressure and boost your mood, so maybe we can’t blame them.

With our pets a staple part of those family Christmas moments, it seems only fair that whilst we’re loading up on our last-minute delicacies ahead of the big day, we get a little something for our dogs and cats, too. In fact, a whopping 75% of us pet owners will treat our dogs and cats to a little something extra this Christmas and we’ll even rival the average £38 expenditure we splash on our loved one with gifts for our pets.


At the end of the day, whilst you’re definitely not saying to shun your nearest and dearest in favour of your pets, who can say no to those bundles of joy we love and cherish so much? From advent calendars to jumpers and everything inbetween, there’s an abundance of gifts we’ve already begun lavishing our pets with so it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise that some of those amongst us opt for our furry friends over our human comrades this Yule.

Just remember, whilst you’re busy cuddling up on the sofa with your four-legged buddies, keeping their diet in check is just as important to ensuring they’re having fun. Those who live with dogs have stronger immune systems to those that don’t, so it’s not only your pet that’s benefitting…

For some festive snacking ideas without the health risks for your dog or cat, check out Din Dins’ blog. Until then, have a paw-some Christmas.