Good Luck Wales!

The 2013 Six Nations tournament is almost over, but before Wales take on England at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday, PrettyGreen jumped on a train to sunny Cardiff to spend some time with last year’s Grand Slam Champions.

We’ve met the Welsh boys quite a few times now – what with Under Armour being their Official Technical Partner and all – but this was the first time we’ve ever met their winger Alex Cuthbert.


So there we were with 6ft 6” Alex, shooting some photography in the Welsh Rugby Union’s gym, surrounded by weights heavier than the whole PrettyGreen sport team put together [insert joke about Charlotte being so small here]. Ben Knight would have been in his element after all the bulking up/ protein drinking he’s been doing lately. We’re sure he would have put the Welsh lads to shame (sorry Ben, it was too easy).

In an attempt to capture some photography of Alex in a “working out“ scenario, Charlotte put herself forward to demonstrate some key “moves” for the photographer, Alex and his fitness coach. Her routine, which consisted of multiple lunges, half a press up and a failed pull up resembled something of an early 90s Mr. Motivator video tape (minus the Lycra).


Multiple laughing fits and a lot of blushing later, we got the money shot and let the boys get back to training. We wish all the Wales team the best of luck on Saturday. Who will you be cheering for?