Good For The Soul

Our 2012 Bucket List is beginning to get some ticks against it. For those that don’t know, it was a list we all made with something that we wanted to do or achieve during 2012 (the full list is here).

Lots of plans are coming together with flights being booked, guns being sourced, vocal chords being warmed up, and two worthy of further expansion are Strings and Ben.

Friday Strings completed his Firewalk. We’re not sure why he’d want to walk on hot coals that are 600 degrees, but some people are quite clearly motivated by pushing themselves to the limit (and we thought we did that for him on a daily basis).

We were expecting tales of hours of training, chanting, meditating and out of body experiences, but apparently he arrived at an empty building nr Liverpool Street, spent 45 minutes being told not to run, wipe his feet afterwards and that he might get some blisters. He was then marched out to some hot coals, told to walk across them, which for some reason he duly did (not once but 3 times) and then went for a beer

We’re now very worried about our 1st summer BBQ, we’ve got a feeling hot coal walking is going to be the new Agency party trick.


We also wanted to update you on a very sad story about Ben & his guitar, which is worthy of one of those X Factor tear jerking VT’s.

After nearly 5 years of looking longingly at his guitar in his bedroom, he finally took the plunge and decided he would learn how to make sweet music. However, while walking to his first lesson, the straps on his guitar snapped and the guitar fell smashing on the floor.

It was so bad, he had to cut the guitar out with a stanley knife (not sure why Ben walks around with a Stanley knife but there you go) and to his horror the guitar he’d had for five years was in pieces.

Wiping away the tears, he started his first ever lesson on his teachers guitar, hot, flustered and distraught.

But we’re pleased to report that after months of reconstructive surgery his much loved guitar is now fully fit and he’s four lessons in, playing like Bert Jansch.

Well nearly, but he is learning this.