Golden Oldie Balls

Not that we are jealous that Becks metatarsal/ankle have received more column inches in the last 8 years than some of our well planned, expertly delivered PR campaigns, but is anyone else not that fussed that David Beckham is out of the World Cup this summer?

We PrettyGreeners love Becks as much as the next man and agree he is up there with English footballing legends Charlton, Matthews, Moore and Beasant (see FA Cup Final 1988) but in recent years, we have really only needed him to dig us out of trouble with his last-gasp, trademark free kicks and 15 minute appearances from bench-warming duties.

England have moved with Capello at the helm. We seem to have built a world-beating and more disciplined team who won’t struggle against countries that have only been playing the game for 10 minutes, as we have in recent years without the reliance on just one player. Saying that, Rooney is looking very tasty at the moment…

However, we digress. Sad as it is, Golden Balls won’t get to go to a fourth World Cup and lift the famous trophy come July, but we are sure he will somehow find solace in his pop-star wife, 3 perfect children, LA mansion, Armani modeling contract and multi-million pound fortune.

For the rest of us, we’ll take solace in the fact that all that glitters isn’t gold.