Go on… Have a Fling with a Creme Egg

The Creme Egg season has returned, providing you with the ultimate countdown to Easter as we help Cadbury encourage their fans to have a fling with a Creme Egg while they can.

Available for a limited time only (until March 31st), Cadbury Creme Egg is back on the scene for more short-term romances. We have some great work lined up for the next months that will ultimately see fans acting spontaneously and giving into their cravings for a fling-tatious dalliance during the Creme Egg season.

Kick starting the New Year, fans have been able to enjoy a brief encounter with five tongue-in-cheek TV ads depicting a series of people revealing their obsession. Fans also have the opportunity to win some mementos that capture their own love for a Creme Egg at facebook.com/cadburycremeegg.

Here’s some more of our Creme Egg antics…

Louise and Binky spoons

Chelsea Beauty

Mission in Goo-able