Globe Trotters Wanted

Picture 6Greetings!

International globetrotting guide for PrettyGreen and Trident’s Perpetual Festival Experience, Katie Parsons,  started her worldwide adventures back in May, I am now is 14 festivals into her non-stop adventures, having clocked in passport stamps from Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Barcelona, Ibiza and Majorca to name a few.

Each week having attended a different musical event, accompanied by a pair of winners (who grabbed flights/tickets through their promotional packs of Trident Gum). What could have turned into a potentially socially awkward experience has apparently been genuinely brilliant!

Each of the winners – ranging from couples to siblings and friends and neighbours – have been amazing, and have not only provided excellent company but also been very willing to aid and contribute to the seemingly endless stream of videos, photos and wordy content for her travel blog, new friends, met some great celebs and racked up a few more freckles too.

With Cape Town, Malawi, Australia and Thailand still on her list of places to go – the party is still very much rolling on. Check out all the  festival action at tridentperpetualfestival