Getting inspired at Digital Revolution

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While there is no doubting that the PrettyGreen office is cooler than 99% of offices worldwide, sometimes it is good to stretch those legs and stimulate the grey matter by getting out and taking in something inspiring. That’s how we found ourselves at the Barbican Centre’s Digital Revolution exhibition last Friday, with our friends from Mondelez.

The Digital Revolution exhibition is billed as an interactive exhibition that brings together artists, film-makers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers. Seems fair. Having played with an interactive tentacle like sculpture in reception and checked out the live feed of tweets praising the exhibiton using #DigitalRevolution, we ventured in.

Starting at year one of technology, the first thing we saw was classic video tennis game Pong. Well it wasn’t exactly year one, but the expressions on the faces of the kids playing it suggested they thought it was prehistoric. The timeline of tech progressed through early BBC, apple and Spectrum computers, past a NES playing Super Mario (this was one the kids really got addicted to) and up to the present day.

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The exhibition grew from strength to strength as it moved through the evolution of CGI graphics, looking in depth at blockbuster films Gravity and Inception, the former of which should really have a spoiler warning as we watched the final scene.

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Our highlight of the art aspect of the exhibition was undoubtedly Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary, an interactive instillation where motion tracking adds wings to users arms. Flap hard enough and your shadow can fly.


Stepping back into the harsh light of day we felt enlightened, inspired and wished we really had wings. The exhibition runs until the 14th of September and comes highly recommended. More information is available right here.