Get Your Goat – You’ve…

After the majority of the PrettyGreen office not being able to remember their Christmas party last week we decided we’d have another one and let our clients come along to get involved in the festive fun.

And what better way also to show off our lovely new offices than by having the party here and transforming it into a Meatloaf video with candelabras, log fires and fog machines. Yes. Fog Machines.

The La Maison Fontaine cocktails were flowing all night and with Jack on the decks blasting out some sick 90s hip-hop, it wasn’t long before it was going like a ‘Bat out of Hell’ on the dance floor.

The slightly hazy memories include:

• Dance offs in the Nando’s Christmas jumpers
• Everybody riding the PrettyGreen Christmas party goats across the dance floor
• Setting the fire alarm off (don’t tell the landlord) as Jack dropped DMX “Party Up In Here” and Fire Wardens high vis jackets on the dance floor (whistles anyone?)
• Our creative genius Mr Hilton pulling out his break dancing moves
• Ben taking on the might of Red Bull in a mince pie eating competition
• And this:


The office does now smells like a dodgy Essex nightclub but boy,
was it worth it! A fine way to send off our own Mr Big, Nick Stocker.