Get Your Face in the Race!

The week started on a high as Red Bull’s Mark Webber claimed victory at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. Hats off to the whole Red Bull Racing team to achieve such a great result at such a difficult stage of the season.

With this winning streak set to continue (fingers crossed) how about having your face on the Red Bull F1 car when it lines up for another victory at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.


PrettyGreen’s client Wings for Life, Red Bull’s spinal injury charity is providing the opportunity for F1 fans to upload a photo, which will be printed and wrapped over the two Red Bull F1 cars racing at the Silverstone event. Faces for Charity asks for a small donation and a picture of your choosing could be alongside Webber and Vettel on race day. So get involved, it is a brilliant cause and a great way to get your face on TV in front of millions worldwide (although they may not be able to quite see you!).

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