Get Closer To The Action with John Lewis


Despite England’s disappointing performance, PrettyGreen has been bitten like an Italian centre back, by Brazilian World Cup fever. To bring the John Lewis ‘Get Closer to the Action’ campaign to life, PrettyGreen developed the Tech Lounge. The lounge fused together the colours, atmosphere and music of Brazil with the latest in home technology available at John Lewis.

Visiting shopping centres across the UK, the Tech Lounge included a green screen featuring vivid Brazilian backdrops and dress up box, hands on product demonstrations (including tablets and the latest 4K televisions) plus advice from a team of John Lewis tech experts.

The campaign saw over 2,600 get closer to the action in Brazil through the green screen with 722 mentions of the Tech Lounge on Twitter. In total, the campaign reached over 3.6 million people and has led to our events team boring everyone in the office with the technical specifications of 4K televisions and 9.1 Dolby surround sound headphones.


We have now taken the ‘Get Closer To The Action’ campaign onto the roof of John Lewis Oxford Street. In partnership with Sony, we are screening World Cup games in the John Lewis 150 Roof Garden to some very lucky customers. These screenings will culminate in a Brazilian party on the roof for the World Cup final on July 13th.

Considering all of the World Cup fun on the events team have been having we think the atmosphere after the tournament ends will be like the England plane home from Brazil. Sorry Woy.