Get Capes, Hug Capes, Fly

A few PrettyGreeners got to live out their childhood 80s fantasies this week when they went up to Birmingham for a shoot to kick off the Cadbury Spots v Stripes On Tour Weekend in Birmingham.

Not even a night spent in a Brummie Balti house reminiscing about Dogtanian, Coco Cola Spinners, Dash track suits and Low Low Balls could have prepared them for the retro delight of a bear hug from the mighty Geoff Capes!
Picture 2

Geoff came down with 80’s pop princess Toyah Willcox to battle Spots v Stripes at tug-of-war, arm wrestling and to engage in some fun and frolics with our purple players. Ben and Lucy were totally out Geoffed by Claire who not only was given a picture of one of Geoff’s favourite budgerigars but was so infatuated with the former World Strongest Man that she spent the journey home practising writing the words Claire Capes, Claire Capes, Claire Capes.

So here’s to a great future for the two new love birds. She’ll never have a phone book in one piece again.

Picture 8