Games Crew Selection Days

Ben took to the road this week on a recruitment mission to find candidates to be this years, Cadbury Spots v Stripes Games Crew. He ran Selection Days in Leeds, Birmingham (the home of Cadbury) and finally back to sunny London.

After the success of the Games Crew in 2010 (they took their exciting games kit to over 138 events, encouraging the nation to play in excess of 88,000 games) only the best candidates could be considered for the elite teams in the North, Midlands and South of the UK.
To help make his decision, he was spotted leaving PrettyGreen carrying all sorts of random kit (procured from Dalston’s splendid array of pound shops). This included umbrellas, hula hoops, balls, blow up cowboy hats and even a plunger.

Picture 13

All was soon to be revealed to the unsuspecting applicants, who were challenged to make up their own Cadbury Spots v Stripes games using the props. All sorts of health and safety rules were broken as the applicants juggled, balanced, spun, threw and hopped their way to a potential place on the Games Crew.

We had some brilliant candidates attending and a lot of fun, “Best interview of my life” was even heard uttered over the Twitter airwaves. Ben now has some tough decisions to make so watch this space as we reveal the chosen 15 in a couple of weeks time…

Picture 12