From Screen to Spoon…

It’s an hourly consideration and for some it can be the hardest decision of the day, but last night was an exception as we launched the Virgin Media TV Diner.

What better way to celebrate the vast selection of Box Sets and Movies available on Virgin Media than by bringing the best fictional food to life?! So with some events team trickery (Lucy, you rock!), a central Soho location and a sprinkle of some magic from head chef Neil Rankin, a few lucky diners were thrown headfirst into the on screen cuisine.


What sort of things were on the menu then, well to name a few; we’re talking Los Pollos Fried Chicken via Breaking Bad, Freddy’s Ribs a la House Of Cards, Arrested Development’s Frozen Bananas and the one and only Big Kahuna Burger & Shake from cult classic Pulp Fiction. AND it was all for free, madness!

Big Kahuna Burger & $5 Shake_Pulp Fiction 2Menu

TV fans and movie buffs from all over scrambled to book the tables and lines extended to the end of the street but its safe to say Neil’s amazing menu more than conquered any lingering hunger pangs in sight.

Oddly enough the freezers at PG Towers are now full of Bananas…

Take a 6 second tour courtesy of: @wilkes888