From Lands End to the East End

We’re lucky enough to be working with the gang at BBC Children in Need for the fourth year running and with just days to go until 2015’s live telethon show on Friday, last week Maccers and Emma packed their bags, popped on their high vis jackets and took to the road with Pudsey to help shout about the incredible Rickshaw Challenge.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that TV’s nicest man Matt Baker likes a bit of cycling and also has a big involvement in BBC Children in Need. Thanks to him, six young people have united to form Team Rickshaw and are currently cycling their way across the country in an epic 477-mile journey.

Having raised over £7m in the last four years, this is the rickshaw’s fifth appearance and it’s proving to be one of the hardest routes tackled to date. They’re not kidding when they say it’s hilly in Cornwall…

In partnership with BBC’s in-house team, we have been working hard to get the attention of every single paper, website and radio show on the route. Our iPhone batteries are taking a real hammering and we’ve been chasing the South’s ever elusive wi-fi signal pretty aggressively but, so far, the support has been utterly overwhelming.
Since setting off (at 3.30am last Friday morning… ahem) we’ve seen families braving the pretty dismal weather to line the streets cheering, enjoyed impromptu mayoral visits and even been treated to surprise dance performances – all in a bid to keep the crowds entertained as they wait for the triumphant riders to arrive into a different town each night.

You can follow the team’s progress by checking out and The One Show will be broadcasting Team Rickshaw’s journey each night as they make their way to London. They really are a group of wonderful people. It’s been cold, dark, rainy and windy yet this team never stop smiling, reminding all of us to feel lucky each and every day.

If you can find it in your heart to donate then we urge you to text TEAM to 70705 (this donates £5.00, a.k.a less than the price of craft beer) or if you’re feeling flush, you can pledge a tenner by texting TEAM to 70710.