Fright Nights, Fright Nights, Fright Nights – Thorpe Park is Invaded

Say it three times or say it once, the chances are you’ll still jump out of your skin, multiple times, during Thorpe Park’s new Fright Nights spectacular this month.

Yes, Fright Nights has descended upon us inside one of Europe’s most recognised theme parks, open for business and ready to scare the bejesus out of anyone who dare enter. From the brand new Studio 13 – complete with body bags, blood-splattered motel rooms, a whopping 30 scare actors and, above all, dolls – to the mazes of Lionsgate’s scare-season veterans Cabin in the Woods, Saw, My Bloody Valentine and Blair Witch Project, we can say with good authority (and a whimper in our voice) that this is easily our most frightening launch ever.

Gym-going alpha male Jack refused point blank to enter a single maze, whilst James has GoPro footage (below) of his embarrassing ordeal in one. With Strings hogging the teacups and Claire claiming to always be on entrance duty, PrettyGreen’s ‘brave’ showing was pitiful. So, in true PR style, we thrust a load of celebrities in the mazes for us, because we’re good sports like that – a decision that had nothing to do with the fact we were all too scared to brave them ourselves.

With GoPros recording the squeals, gulps and (almost) vomit-inducing moves of TOWIE’s finest plus some of our friends at ITN, The Sun and The Lad Bible, the park was overtaken with A-list talent including a zombified Olly Murs, a questionably-costumed Cara Delevignge, the flawless Alexandra Burke and a skip load more celebrities and press eager to fill up their scream-o-meters.

13 - 2014_LORES

With the park overrun, hidden in the VIP tent clutching comforting Jagermeister cocktails, PrettyGreen had a whale of a time in their safe confines, with rave reviews secured from all attendees we hoped braved more than we did. Now it’s your turn – but be quick, you’ve only got until November 2nd . PrettyGreen, over and out.