Friday Sinking Feeling

We know we’ve been really rubbish at writing blogs. We’ve been a little bit manic with one thing or another. The picture below might help tell you why (it’s a fantastic 4 page feature on Red Bull’s Stratos project in FHM on the man who fell to earth, if you haven’t seen it).

Picture 9

Nick tried to defy gravity yesterday and jetted up to Alton Towers only to discover that Th13teen the much advertised and promoted ride was closed. Surely that shouldn’t be allowed.

Whilst he was spinning around like Kylie on other rides, some of the team were up at Pinewood Studios for an ad shoot. No matter how many times you go to Pinewood, there’s something very magical about seeing the big 007 logo on the side of the Studio. Come on MGM get it together.

We’ve also been recruiting like mad. With another 15 joining the team in the next few weeks. Yes that’s 15. OK, a lot of them will be out and about for Cadbury’s, but we’re worrying about where we’re going to put everyone.

The big debate of the week, wasn’t the Leaders Debate it was actually whether or not PrettyGreen being a Ones To Watch in PR Weeks Top 150 (thank you Cathy and Gemma) means that

a. our talent will be head-hunted
b. we have to pay people more
c. need to celebrate in style
d. need to hire someone called Larry

Obviously we’ve spent most time thinking about c.we were very happy, but we still don’t know who Larry is.

The 2nd debate was whether or not we could create a “Cab Nav” that would be programmed by Cabbies to get you to A-B via the Knowledge, rather than the slowest routes. We also thought the voice could be just like a Cabbie and occasional ask you questions like “how’s your day been”, “off to watch the game”, “sorry mate, can’t split £20, only just started”.

And finally for Friday we thought we’d post this to continue on the theme of drinking from earlier in the week. Great parody ad. Made us smile for Friday. Enjoy the Bank Holiday and drink responsibly.