Red Bull: Art of Motion

We’re all getting very excited about Red Bull Art of Motion – Red Bull’s flagship event of the year, which is fast approaching. Art of Motion is a free running event where 24 of the world’s best free runners will go head to head in the first competition of its kind in the UK. Fancy!


Thinking that free running surely can’t be that difficult, a few of us at PrettyGreen decided to give it a go during our lunch break yesterday. Oh how wrong we were…

Consider this our simple guide to the art of free running:


– Wait until you get outside. Believe it or not, photocopiers really aren’t as strong as they look

– Watch out for moving vehicles. It’s true, taxi drivers really don’t slow down

– Watch out for children. Using them to leapfrog over really doesn’t go down well with their parents


– Wear jeans. Huge rips around your crotch is highly inappropriate at wor

– Try to use free running to impress the ladies. Face planting the floor is not a good look

– Wear a skirt. Unless you want to offend a lot of people

Our concluding thoughts are that this is something that’s definitely best left to the professionals. If you want to check them out for yourselves then make sure that you head down to the National Theatre in London on Sunday 20th March. Admission is free and no tickets are needed. We’ll see you on the 20th – it’s safe to say that we definitely won’t be free running our way there.

Red Bull: Art of Motion