Frankie's Blog: Two Weeks at PrettyGreen

When PrettyGreen were asked to take on an enthusiastic 14 year old work experience girl, we were a little apprehensive… Turns out our lovely Frankie has been one of the most amazing work experience we have had here at PrettyGreen! We would like to thank Frankie for all her hard work! Please see below Frankie‚Äôs blog!

My name is Francesca Harris and I just completed my two weeks of work experience at PrettyGreen. I have acquired some fantastic skills that I will definitely use in the future. I have done things like post, hampers, research, coverage and so much more.

Frankie and Cass

I have definitely learnt a lot about PR and coverage and I have been involved in some amazing projects that I will not forget. Seeing how PrettyGreen launched the new Tottenham Hotspurs/Under Amour kit was amazing!

Being a part of PrettyGreen for this time has really improved my skills of teamwork, organisational skills and brainstorming skills. I have really been taught how to think outside of the box and work hard because that is definitely what PrettyGreen do a lot of the time, and work exceptionally hard all day!

Everyone is so kind and pleasant to be around and everybody is welcoming and helpful.

I have met some amazing people along the way who deserve to be credited for the amount of dedication they put into the company and how well everybody gets along with everybody else.

A couple weeks never to be forgotten and I will hope to come back soon to do more work experience.