Food and Fortune Truck takes to London for the launch of Syfy series Midnight, Texas

Midnight, Texas is the latest supernatural thriller to air on Syfy. Based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris, author of the novels that inspired True Blood.


Set in a remote town in Texas where nothing is what it seems; Midnight is a place where being normal is strange and only outsiders fit in. The series stars François Arnaud as a psychic with Jason Lewis, Dylan Bruce, Arielle Kebbel and Peter Mensah starring alongside him.


To celebrate its UK launch we brought Texas BBQ, in the shape of our Food and Fortune truck, to media houses across London, along with a psychic of course.


SyFy 2


Since nothing screams Texas quite like BBQ, we worked with Breddo’s Tacos to create a variety of mouth-watering sliders inspired by the show, for everyone to sink their teeth into. As our Midnight, Texas truck pulled in at each media house we revealed the fortune element… an all seeing, all knowing psychic, Ryan Gooding.




With his psychic abilities, like Manfred the lead character from the series, Ryan read the minds of journalists (something we’ve been trying to do for years). Using our custom Midnight, Texas Tarot Cards he turned even the most stubborn sceptics into believers. With correctly diagnosing back conditions, birthdays, the presence of family spirits and even what slider they’d like to order, Ryan brought the series to life with his talent.


To see Ryan’s work in action, check out his Sun Online interview where he taught journalist Hayley Richardson to channel her inner psychic ability to read one of PrettyGreen’s own, Rob Leary.




Over 200 journalists were fed and #MidnightTexas was trending that evening. With Londoners full of Texas BBQ we asked our psychic and he confirmed they’d all tuned in to see the season premiere that night, with the Syfy channel receiving record viewing figures.


After the success of the media house visits, the Food and Fortune truck travelled to Olympia London’s Comic Con where sci-fi fans were also able to have their fortunes told and get into the BBQ action. Who knew that Spiderman had a twin?




Midnight, Texas airs every Thursday at 9pm on the Syfy Channel.