Flying the Flag For Wrinkles

It dawned on us today that a lot of people (women) have been having injections in their foreheads to make them look younger. However every guy at PrettyGreen confessed today that they have never judged a womans age or her looks on her forehead, come on, say no to stretched foreheads and say yes to wrinkles.

We’re also well and truly over Nick Griffin and his weak display on Question Time last week (bullied, we’ll show him bullied) but the debate that has rolled over into this week is whether the BNP have hi-jacked Churchill as a symbol of fascism; a debate that goes hand-in-hand with the term ‘British’ and the image of the Union Jack being somehow synonymous with a racist organization.

pastedGraphicThere is clearly some work to be done around rebranding our own nation.  Is it right that when we see people carrying our national flag we immediately think negatively?  Why is it acceptable for Australians celebrate “Australia Day” and why do all Canadians parade their national flag wherever they go with pride?

Well we’re proud to fly the flag, just look at our PrettyGreen fridge.

Gordon – if you want to fine-tune the national image and reinvigorate some pride in our multicultural identity ahead of 2012 we know a decent Brand Consultancy who may be able to help…….

Returning back to the Aussies, got to say, lots of laughs round the office around this Diesel film, highly entertaining.