Flight Fantastic

Do you have a head for heights, a love of the ludicrous and a soft spot for showmanship?
Then prepare your fantastic flying machine for the return of Red Bull Flugtag!

Three years ago the man-powered aviation competition landed in Hyde Park for a day of soaring sights and, perhaps more than often, sinking air-ships. This July, Red Bull Flugtag will be heading to Roundhay Park, Leeds for what we suspect will be the summer’s funnest event.

Teams will be launching themselves off the 6m runway in attempt to take flight and soar across Roundhay’s lake. However, in true Flugtag tradition it’s not just how far you get that counts. Teams will be judged on their distance, creativity and showmanship, a short haul flight of 3m from a Dr Who dance troop could beat the long haul distance of a super advanced flying team.

Excitement has begun to bubble in the office already. A few crudely drawn blue prints have been found in the photocopier and a certain 6’5” stocky man been spotted leaping from his desk onto an office chair in what we suspect is preparation for the event.

If you, like the mystery PrettyGreener (*cough* Nick), fancy designing a magnificent flying machine and taking to the skies, head to www.redbull.co.uk/flugtag where you can pick up and application form and design manual.

Happy Flying!

Flugtag Twin Cities