Flatten out the chinks in your armour

We’ve always been keen to go the extra mile in our campaigns, and with Under Armour this December we’ve certainly done just that.

Under Armour are holding one of the grittiest gym sessions the UK has ever seen on Tuesday, 10th December. Set in the heart of London underneath Southbank’s iconic Golden Jubilee Bridge, the team are recruiting 80 lucky (or unlucky) athletes – that’s you guys – to take part.

The event will begin at 10am and continue throughout the day, leaving no excuses for lateness. Participants will be pitted against professional trainers, fellow athletes and, most importantly, themselves, to obliterate their limits.

Under Armour Training

Registration is open until midnight on 1st December and if you haven’t applied for Under Armour to be your spotter then you’re missing out. We’ll have you testing your limits so intensely that your next cold pint (of water, obviously) will be savoured like never before.

Speaking of reward, don’t worry if you forget your kit either. Not only are Under Armour holding the gruelling urban training event, they’ll also be providing participants with a bag load of the most advanced training kit ever made to use on the day and beyond.

All they’re asking for is the ultimate willpower. If you’ve got that, what are you waiting for?

Head over to their Facebook page HERE and register for your change to earn your spot amongst the elite this winter. We’ll be there – on the sidelines, unfortunately –to roar you on every leap, lift and slam along the way. Get involved. I WILL.