Fidget Spinners: YouTube’s Latest Pocket Money Pincher

Kids, eh? Always begging for the latest new ‘thing’. So. Many. ‘Things’.


Blame YouTube for that.


Fidget spinners – pocket money toys, designed to enhance concentration, that are enthralling kids across the country with their hypnotic revolving – are the newest ‘thing’. And another toy that can thank YouTube for its phenomenal success.


Kids are flocking to the video-sharing website for fidget spinner tips / tricks / challenges / unboxings, you name it. More than 2,000,000 results appear on YouTube for “fidget spinner”, with YouTube stars the FunkBros racking up more than 6.5million views on one video alone. As a result, toy shops across the UK are struggling to cope with demand and selling out new stock in record time (despite the original creator not making a penny out of its success).


The demonstrative nature of fidget spinners – coupled with low price and collectability – is key for YouTube success and fidget spinners join alumni such as Pokemon GO, Loom Bands, Lego Minifigures and…bottled water…as major benefactors of the power of YouTube towards building a playground craze.




YouTube is not just the favourite media source for kids, but their favourite brand in its own right. That’s unheard of. And it’s a world that too many still underestimate the scale of. Especially when it comes new toys / games. For example, there are more videos on YouTube for 2016 mobile craze Pokemon GO than about Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson or Tim Farron combined. It’s pretty important.


YouTube incubates crazes more than any other medium. Videos by influential stars encourage others to buy and create their own content. The more toys bought, the more videos created, the more the craze grows. It keeps playground crazes alive by allowing kids to research, watch, film and upload video related to the craze when not at school – something that just wasn’t available in the days of pogs, yo-yos or scoubidous.


For kids and the latest playground crazes, YouTube is your King…at least until us adults make it frightfully uncool as we always do…<cough> Facebook.